So check this out, you've come to this page because you saw the good news that I posted on a few social networks.

I'm prepared to double your initial deposit into your hosting account.*

That's right. Double.

If you deposit the minimum $10 into your account, I'll add $10. Put $35 in there, and I'll spot you an additional $35!

It's super easy. All you gotta do is add the note "DOUBLE" in the extra info section on the signup page.

Still not convinced? Fine. How does this sound: When you sign up, don't fund your account at all. In the extra info section of the signup page, simply enter "10SPOT". I will go ahead and cover the $10 initial funding of your account. Once that $10 is gone, you can either decide to keep hosting with us by adding more funds, or move on. Either way, you've lost nothing in the process.

If you thought this sounded awesome, then head over to the signup page and get started today!

*Excludes additional membership, like the MEMBERS group.