Quotas and Resource Usage

Here at MyUnixHost.com, we don't have quotas.

That's not to say that there aren't limits.

Quotas in the web hosting world are typically limits that are set on bandwidth and storage allocations. You're given a set limit of each to use every month. Once you hit the ceiling on those limits, your account is generally suspended (and sometimes you're asked to pony up more dough).

Here, we will not slap any quotas on your storage or bandwidth usage, subject to the availability of funds in your hosting acount to cover the actual usage cost.

We do, however, limit other things. Usually this is the number of processes your account is allowed to run at any given time, the amount of CPU time you get, as well as total memory usage allowed, etc. As this is a shared hosting environment, it's prudent that we set limits like this to insure that everyone gets a "fair shot."

If you find that the resource limits your account has is causing issues, please let us know and we can examine all available options.