Service Offerings

This is a complete listing of the service offerings of, along with descriptions.

Web Hosting


Web hosting (also called virtual hosting, or vhost) is what you're here for. You want a website to show off your new baby girl to family that lives hundreds of miles away. You are starting a small business and want the local community to be able to visit you 24/7, even when your doors are closed. Whatever the reason, you need a web presence.

With a myriad of choices for web host out there, why choose Luckily, the answer to that is easy. You won't regret it. That's easy for me to say, though. I started simply because I wanted to "be my own host." I wanted to manage every aspect of my website, including the server it was running on. And I've hosted all of my websites here since. Obviously, I believe in "eating my own cooking." is unique in that we only charge you for the resources you use. There are a few other web hosts out there that do that, but not many. We're in a very unique position here, and we're quite excited by that. So, not only do you pay for resources you use, but the rates you pay are extremely low.

Here is a run-down of our standard offering:

  • Host an unlimited number of domains, subdomains, sites, etc.
  • We'll give you to use as well.
  • Unlimited email accounts and email forwarders for each domain (see vmail).
  • Includes MySQL access (see mysql).
  • Includes DNS management (see dns).

Email Hosting


Email hosting (also called virtual email, or vmail) is another service we offer.

For any domain that you host here, you can send and receive email under that domain. We'll even let you host only the email for a certain domain, if you don't wish for it to have a website.

You can create an unlimited number of email addresses and email forwarders. You are billed only for the storage space you use.

You may access your email accounts via either POP3 or IMAP. You can send via SMTP AUTH.

We also offer to become a backup (secondary) mail server for a domain you have email hosting for through another provider. We charge a very nominal $6 annual fee for this service.



We allow you to have an unlimited number of MySQL databases along with your hosting account. You will be billed only for the storage space that your databases use.

At this time, we do not offer MySQL as its own service offering, however if enough of a demand is made we will explore offering it in the future. For now, it comes bundled with a hosting account.



For many, DNS is still considered a "black art." We can manage your DNS records for you, just point your domain's name servers to and and let us handle the rest.

For now, DNS management is not an "automated" process. Our system administrators will need to create and/or modify your host records for you. We'll happily do this free of charge, so don't worry. Just let us know how you want things set up.

We can also register a domain for you, under the following TLD's: .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, or .name. We may also be able to register another TLD, don't hesitate to ask us. Our pricing for domain registration is subject to change at any time, and will always be updated on our home page. We also offer a domain privacy service for and additional $3 per year. This means we'll put our information in instead of yours, so you don't get spammed. Rest assured, your domain will always belong to you. We don't hijack it, and will allow it to be transferred at any time upon your request.

MEMBERS membership


At we have two membership tiers, "users" and "members." Each person automatically belongs to the "users" group just by virtue of having an account. This gives you access to our services and resources on the servers.

If you find you need access to "extras," such as GNU screen, tmux, the GCC compiler, or would like to have more resources allocated to you (longer CPU time, more available memory, more simultaneous processes, etc) you can join the "members" group.

Membership in the "members" group gives you access to all of the above extras (increased resources, compilers, etc). Additionally, it gives you a 50% discount on bandwidth and storage. Membership to this group costs $36 a year (that's only $3 a month!).



We do offer website design services. We can build your website from scratch, be it dynamic, static, or hybrid.

The hybrid option is unique in that it gives you all of the benefits of both a dynamic and static website, with none of the drawbacks of either!

Be sure to contact us if you're interested in our design services.

Custom Web Application Programming


If there's a web application that you would like to see built, get in touch with us to discuss the specifics. We prefer to do all our programming in PERL.