The Proof is in the Pudding

So you're not convinced that "pay for what you use" is better?

Listen, I don't blame you. Who wouldn't want unlimited resources for just $5 a month from BigHostsRUs*? But believe me when I say there is nothing so limited as unlimited.

Once you hit some arbitrary magic number, the host will come knocking on your door, demanding that you pony up the dough for a VPS or semi-dedicated server. You'll quickly learn that unlimited is not so unlimited.

What you need to do is take a look at what you're currently using. Figure out how much storage you're using and how much bandwidth, and add it all up (scroll down for a handy calculator).

Here's some cold hard numbers for you. In the month of May (2018), our highest bill was $2.71. The lowest was less than a penny, but the next lowest was $0.08. In fact, 57% of our members paid less than a penny for their services, and 64% paid under $0.10!

As you can see, the potential for savings is HUGE!

*Not a real web host.


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